About SamÅpne

What is SamÅpne?

SamÅpne is an innovation project in the public sector funded by the Research Council of Norway under the FORKUMMUNE programme. The project period is from June 2019 to May 2022. The project partners are Trondheim municipality (project owner), Bodø municipality and SINTEF (project management and research partner).

The project aims to help municipalities establish cost-effective and standardized processes for opening and managing innovation-promoting open data, and “breaking the code” to create innovation and business development through co-creation based on open data.


The “Municipality 3.0” concept emphasizes that the municipal sector must use smart technology and voluntary work to meet future challenges and facilitate businesses and volunteers in contributing to new solutions that provide increased efficiency, increased quality of life and a better environment. Open municipal data may play a key role in promoting such innovation, but important barriers must be overcome in order to exploit this potential. The challenges are related to the opening of data, the inter-municipal cooperation on the opening of data and the co-creation of innovation ideas.

Need for research

The municipalities need processes, methods and tools that support cost-effective opening of innovation-promoting data, as well as methods and guidelines for the co-creation of new modern services based on such data. The municipalities also need management and business models for open data that support innovation. The research questions to be answered in the project are:

  • What barriers prevent the municipalities from opening data that promotes innovation?
  • How can open data management be integrated into the municipalities’ activities?
  • How can the facilitation of innovation with open data be integrated into the municipalities’ activities?


Overall idea
Overall idea of SamÅpne

The project will establish and disseminate knowledge on the above aspects. The Trondheim and Bodø municipalities will cooperate with the businesses, voluntary organizations and research (SINTEF) to create good solutions. Opening of data will be coordinated across municipalities and tried out. The project will establish a digital arena and test methods, models and tools for using open data and co-creation. Business, residents and non-governmental organizations will be involved in trials and evaluations. Methods, models and tools will be iteratively improved based on evaluations. Moreover, inter-municipal co-operation, knowledge and experience sharing shall be facilitated through the follower cities Fredrikstad, Gjesdal, Larvik, Stavanger, Drammen, Oslo and Kristiansand, and through existing networks such as The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), Smart City Norway (SCN), and Open Agile Smart Cities (OASC).


The SamÅpne project is one of the projects that contribute to research results on open data at opendatalab.no. At opendatalab you can find more information related to open data, including publication and use of open data and showcases that use open data.


Ola Eirik Klingen: ola-eirik.klingen@trondheim.kommune.no Shanshan Jiang: shanshan.jiang@sintef.no