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Kommunale data blir i liten grad benyttet i innovasjon. Vellykket åpning av data kan bidra til NYSKAPENDE tjenester dersom dataene samordnes på tvers av kommunegrensene.

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Open data from the public sector can fuel the innovation of digital products. This paper investigates barriers and success factors regarding use of open data in such innovations, and how public sector can increase the value of published data. A multimethod approach was used. An initial study identified aspects of relevance through interviews, a system development experiment, and a focus group. An in-depth study used the insight to perform interviews and a survey targeting innovators. Details on data needs, discovery, assessment, and use were found as well as barriers regarding use of open data in digital product innovations. Associated recommendations to data owners are provided regarding how they can increase the innovation capacity through appropriate licenses and service levels; convenient access mechanisms; publishing channels and infrastructures; transparency and dialogue; data, metadata, documentation, and APIs of high quality; harmonization and standardization.